Nordic Tax Research Counsil
Secretary-general Caroline Nordklint
Juridiska fakulteten
Stockholms universitet
S-106 91 Stockholm
Tlf. + 46 8161 732


Twice a year the Nordic Tax Research Council distributes grants for tax research. The grants can either be distributed to cover expenses or as scholarships. Funds can be used to cover salary reductions during leave of absence for shorter periods of time. However the resources of the Council normally don’t allow for full or essential provision for extensive research projects (i.e. projects that expand over several years or projects which involves a great number of researchers).
Applications are to be made on a specific application form where further particulars about the research, expected costs and a time plan etc. are to be described in detail.
Applications should be handed in to the secretary-general no later than April 1st or October 1st every year.
Further information is available through the secretary-general of the council as well as through the members of the country in question.